Summer food delivery for all St George residents under 18

Summer Food Delivery!!The St. George MSU is committed to helping our children and families in need be fed. We want to remind you that you can sign children up for breakfast and lunch deliveries throughout the summer. All St. George residents under age 18 are eligible. You can find more information and sign up at

Annual Town meeting Announcement - 8/17 and 8/18

The Town Meeting will be held on Monday, August 17, 2020  & Tuesday, August 18, 2020.
Voting will take place on Monday, August 17, 2020. The polls will be open from 8am-8pm and we will have 5 local ballots consisting of :2 School Board Members, 2 Select Board Members, St. George Sign Ordinance and the Georges River Regional Shellfish Ordinance.
The Town Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at 6pm outside in the parking lot under a tent where social distancing measures will be practiced.
Things are always changing so please check the website for any updates that may be posted.

St George MSU remote public budget hearing on Tuesday, June 30th

from the Town website
Notice of Remote School Budget Public Hearing via Zoom on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 6:30p.m., as required by the Governor's June 3, 2020 Executive Order 56 and 20-A M.R.S. §§ 1486 & 1501, to discuss the proposed FY2021 School Budget. Please call the school (207.372.6312) or contact Business Manager Cassie Kilbride ( or Superintendent Mike Felton ( for information to join the public hearing using Zoom or by phone. More information about the proposed FY2021 School Budget is available on the school website ( and posted at various locations including the Town Office, Tenants Harbor General Store, and Tenants Harbor, Port Clyde, and Spruce Head post offices. If you have any questions about the budget or would like more information, please contact Cassie Kilbride or Mike Felton

Community tennis is happening

At the courts by the big ballfield on Rt 131.
Wednesday and Saturdays 8 to 10 Sundays 2 to 4

Laptop computers available to use on Tuesdays and Fridays on the picnic table outdoors at the Library

The library will begin taking appointments for computer use during our curbside hours: Tuesdays 9-1 and Fridays 1-5. We will place computers in a grey bin, the user can use the laptop on the picnic table for 30 minutes, then return the laptop in a grey bin. 
We can also print for folks, by sending an email with the documents and specific directions to

End-of-the-School-Year Staff Parade - Wednesday, June 17th - spread the word, get out and cheer

Attention St. George Residents!The End-of-the-School-Year Staff Parade will be happening on Wednesday, June 17th. In addition to the staff, the 8th grade students and their families will be joining the parade in order to be honored for their time at St. George School and to wish them well on their journey into high school.The Parade will be leaving the lower lot of the school at 11AM. Below, is the route that we will be traveling. Note, this is a different route than the one before April break.PARADE ROUTETurn RIGHT onto Port Clyde Rd.
Factory Rd.
Glenmere Rd.
LEFT onto Ridge Rd.
Back to Port Clyde Rd.
Turkey Cove Rd.
Main Street
River Rd.
Kinney Woods Rd.
Dennison Rd.
LEFT ONTO Spruce Head. Rd./73 toward Spruce Head
a. Bus turns around at Patten Pt. Rd.
b. Cars drive by, turn left on Island Rd.
c. Meet bus back at corner of Rt. 73
Proceed onto Rt. 73 toward River Rd.
River Rd.
Wallston Rd.
End at SchoolJust like last time, please feel free to document this exciting community event in photos a…

Dragon Strong, Part 2

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👊DragonStrong🐉 Part 2. Watch this. Smile. Repeat.…Another very BIG thank you to Kate Montgomery who volunteered to produce both DragonStrong films. Thank you Kate!