Update from Parks & Rec

from Ben Vail via FB

P&R NEWS 4/13/20
Good afternoon! I hope you are all staying well.
1. Ball field Update:
The Landing Field infield infield was raked out last week. If we get 2-3 dry days in a row, ti should bounce back quickly. Please check both infield surfaces before going on them after we have precipitation. Thank you for your considerate use of the fields and thank you for observing physical distancing while you are exercising.
2. Tennis courts - the tennis court opening has been pushed back to the end of April at least, pending more information on COVID-19.
3. Playgrounds:
Collins Park in Port Clyde - the new swings have been installed at the playground. We want to get off to a good start with this facility this year and we thank you in advance for your respectful use of the equipment there.
Stay safe and stay positive. We will get through this! Take care!

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