Parks & Rec News - bring your dogs to the ballfield

Bad news and Good news!
Unfortunately, our geese friends decided Memorial weekend was a good time to set up camp on the big ball field.  After kicking them off this morning, I had a lovely time picking up the presents they left me!
On the positive side, our coyote decoy friends have been brought out of retirement to keep the geese at bay.  As long as they work, they will be on guard.  In the past, they have been a source of amusement (mostly) for residents.   
In addition, I invite any and all dog owners to bring their dogs to the field for exercise in the coming days.  The more traffic on the field, the less the geese like it!   Thanks in advance for any help you can give! 
I wish you and your families continued good health. 
Take care yourselves and each other. 


Respectfully submitted,
372-6363, 701-9754

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