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This week's notes:
I regret to inform the community that the merry-go-round at the playground in Port Clyde has been damaged again.  While we assess the damage, we are considering all options including removing the piece.  I have to say I was wrong to advocate for replacing the old merry go round.  I never dreamed it would be damaged.  My thought was the community would so enjoy having a new one after the other was developing rust damage that it would be used well for years. Clearly I was wrong and this was a poor use of funds.  
On a separate note, one of the few positives of our current situation is that the fields are in excellent condition due to less use and my having more time to spend on them.  I encourage families to get out and use our fields, parks and trails safely and responsibly.  I do have one request of our golfers in the community. If you are using the ballfield to work on your short game, please use the margins of the field to hit from to spare the playing surface from divots.  While we aren't using them now, we all hope we will see them back in full use as soon as possible.

I want to thank everyone for their safe and responsible use of the facilities.  I know that those who damaged the merry go round represent a tiny, thoughtless percentage of our community. 
Stay safe and stay positive. We will get through this!  Take care! 

Respectfully submitted,
372-6363, 701-9754

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