Local businesse in alphabetical order -

Ancho Honey is open Thursday to Sunday. They sell prepared food, and food to order in the evening. Menu updated every Tuesday. Call 372-2111

Black Harpoon - open up Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays. Call 372-6304   Hours and details 

Craignair Inn is serving dinner 4 nights a week this winter. 

Quarry Tavern at the East Wind Inn will be open for week end service in late November. Hours and details.

Green Bean Cookhouse - prepared food 

Happy Clam closed for the season.

Off the Dock Lobster in Port Clyde for lobster and crabs 

Oryx Fitness on hold until further notice. Click here for courses. 

Port Clyde Fresh Catch  Open and fresh fish daily and crab cakes!   Call 691-4154

Port Clyde General Store - pizza and more!

Tenants Harbor General Store - baked goods and more!

The Sugar Tree is selling fresh made bread from her stand on Harts Neck Road. Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 9am to 6:30pm   Call 701-8961.

What the Cluck Egg Farm on Wallston Road, sells eggs Sundays and Mondays. Call 542-9346

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